Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Has Begun!

I always know the summer season is about to begin when 300 tons of sand is dropped off in Hampton Beach, NH for the Master Sand Sculpting Competition. This happened on June 17th as the artists got ready to begin their sculpting. Unfortunately we had LOTS of rain again this year.

I went down to Hampton Beach one afternoon to watch the artist sculpt then back down at sunrise on the first sunny day. I love nothing better then to be at the beach early in the morning with my camera, a mug of Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts as I admire these amazing sand castles.

                            There was an old woman who lived in a show & sent her kids to summer camp.
                                                                Precious Beginnings

                                                                 Precious Nature



Anonymous said...

Those sculptures are incredible!!

I call unfair if you can eat donuts and still stay so tiny!


Lana said...

What amazing sculptures! I'd love to have seen them in person. Thanks for sharing with us! :)