Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here is my Festival of the Trees display. I could have never done it without the
help of my friend Karen. Karen is the Queen of Lights and in all the years we
have been doing a display for Festival this is the first year Karen has not sent me out
to buy more lights!I would like to thank Rye Mantel Company for the amazing mantel.
Also all the artists who made special pieces for the display.
Shari Lutz for the greatest life size Santa.Heidi Steiner for the large center seam bear and the smaller bear in Santa's pack.Cathy Pendleton for the snowman in the shoe, the bird cage angel and the 3 kitten's in the basket. Vergie Lightfoot for those wonderful realistic cats and mouse.
Barbara Scott for her great Jenny Lind doll. Craig Yenke for the reindeer on the mantel.
Julie Marcotte for the special large Raggedy in Santa's pack.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Antique Cape Dining Room by Susan-Just The Thing-Dover,NH

My friend, Susan from Just The Thing in Dover turned the dining room of the antique cape into a wonderful whimiscal room. Susan spent many nights sewing all the stockings, covering the chairs and making the table cloth. The cake is an all sugar creation by a friend of Susan's and the cats & mice are all Vergie Lightfoot Originals. Congratulations Susan your room was amazing!
Susan's sister Linda takes one final look before the crowds come to admire!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Outside Trees

"Rolling With The Season" "Twelve Neighs of Christmas"
Wadleigh Falls Veterinary &

The Tack Shack

"A Whale of a Holiday" Amazing train set display along tree ornaments

Piper Boatworks

What would a Festival of the Trees
be without a Tribute to
The Boston Red Soxs

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We have just finished doing Portsmouth Festival of Trees. This is our 12th year participating. Area businesses set up a display and people pay to see these display's.The money raised is awarded as scholarships and grants to students and community groups in the Seacoast area. This year there were 7500 viewers of 80 displays.
I will be doing a few blogs with pictures of all the wonderful displays. The Festival is divide into 4 sections.The Learning Center, The Outside Trees, Rosemary Cottage & The Cape. I will start with The Outside Trees.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have had lots of friends telling me I should do a blog. I was brought up as a traditional Northern New England Yankee "Make it brief and to the point". Many of my e-mails are one or 2 liners and on occasions my subject line is actually my e-mail. But then again that's how family members also send e-mails. Recently there was a cook-out at my sister's house. The subject line said COOKOUT JULY 5th 1:00 RSVP. I replied also in the subject line : Wendy -Yes- 4.

So what do I blog about? Arrival of new work from artists-I send out an new arrival e-mail plus the greatest website person in the world -Marti posts all new info. I will take this moment to thank Marti as I sure couldn't handle a website and webshows without her. So I think posting on in a third venue would be overkill.

So as many of you know I am never without a camera. I am always on the lookout for that perfect scenic vista or some cute creature. This being said I have decided to use my blog as a photo portfolio.

The foliage change in New England this year was especially wonderful due to all the rain we had this summer. I guess this is the one benefit of an awful summer.